Can I Sue if My Car Accident Was Caused by Bad Mechanic Work?

Defective mechanical work can lead to an accident. When it does, the law has given you, the owner and driver of the vehicle, the right to sue for damages.

Why are mechanics liable for defective work? The reason is simple. Mechanics must repair vehicles to a standard of operation so that they can perform safely and efficiently. When they fail to do this, they are held liable for subsequent damages caused by those inadequacies.

The car repair industry is especially guilty of taking advantage of individuals who are ignorant about vehicle restoration, maintenance, and repair. Many times, the mechanic—who is supposed to be the professional—overcharges, fails to do a complete job, doesn’t use the best replacement parts, or restore the vehicle to proper working order.  In those instances, if an accident were to occur, you could pursue a lawsuit against the repair shop and mechanic.

Examples of Defective Mechanic Work

  1. Causing additional damage to the vehicle during the repair
  2. Revising the vehicle and making it illegal to operate on a public road
  3. Damaging the engine during the repair work
  4. Simply not repairing worn, broken, or malfunctioning parts
  5. Installing the incorrect replacement parts
  6. Overlooking a major repair while working on your vehicle
  7. Leaving debris, foreign objects, dirty fluids, or scraps in working parts of the engine or other important operating parts.

If you are presented with a similar situation, call a Milwaukee car accident lawyer, they will advise you of the next steps to take to recoup your losses. Keep your car repair receipts, which usually lists the repair work and parts ordered to complete the repairs on your vehicle. Have the car inspected immediately after the accident to determine what caused it. If mechanical failure was responsible, you’ll want a professional documenting that fact for your legal case. Usually, that will be an insurance adjuster and their repair company of choice.

Document the Incident

Take pictures at the site of the accident if possible. Record the names and contact information for any witnesses. Take pictures of the surrounding area where the accident occurred. Also, take note of the weather conditions and time of day.

Give all your documentation to your Milwaukee car accident lawyer and they will combine that with other evidence. Ultimately, a case will be presented that proves that your mechanic failed to do acceptable work and effectively caused the accident. After your case is presented to the court and you win, you should be compensated in-full for your losses.