Child Custody Disputes: Mediation vs. Litigation

Family issues are incredibly sensitive, as they can affect the lives of members of the family. Therefore, they should be handled with the sensitivity they deserve. When facing a serious legal issue, litigation should be the option of last resort. What you should give priority to is mediation. By talking and negotiating a win-win deal, you can expect to be on speaking terms with your former spouse and kids after the legal issue has been resolved. If filing for divorce, mediation is recommended to ensure you can come up with an out-of-court settlement and file an uncontested divorce. Similarly, you should consider discussing child custody issues out of court.

Child Custody Disputes: Mediation vs. Litigation

It is important to note that when determining custody, judges usually consider arguments from both sides. Since both parties will want to look like a better parent than the other, they may both end up appearing like unsuitable parents. As a result, the court may consider a third party. This can be a grandparent or the foster care system. Imagine going to court to ask for custody and losing your child to the foster care system.

Secondly, as you litigate the child custody case, you may end up laying bare any dirt you may have on your spouse, and your spouse may do the same to you. The end result is that your children may not look at either of you the way they did before. As a result, your relationship may be forever damaged by the custody hearings. The beauty of mediation is that it is often done out of the public eye, so all the issues you may have will be kept private. As a result, you can preserve the healthy relationship that both of you have with the kids.

Thirdly, it is much cheaper to handle a child custody dispute out of court through mediation than through litigation. If you go to court, you will both incur huge legal fees that may hurt you financially. Mediation is much cheaper, and you can conclude the process much faster.

Another reason why mediation is better than litigation as far as child custody disputes go is the fact that you can be assured of having a healthier relationship with your former spouse even after splitting up because neither of you will be forced to say bad things about the other to appear to be the better parent. This healthy relationship is great for the kids. To get the best outcomes from mediation, be sure to hire a family lawyer in Terre Haute to offer mediation services.