The Key to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy’s Success

The Key to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy’s Success

Bioidentical hormone therapy is rapidly gaining popularity as people all over are seeing the affects it can have, and the relief it can bring to women who are suffering from menopause. One of the leading problems for women who are going through menopause is the loss of hormones, which brings a great deal of discomfort. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help to relieve some of that discomfort, with the safest and most natural way to treat hormone loss. Bioidentical hormone therapy, unlike traditional therapy is recognized by the body as introducing hormones identical to the ones that the body naturally produces.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is successful because of that reason. Since the body produces natural hormones, it knows what to expect in a hormone. The chemical sequence has to be exact or there can be reactions, consequences, and challenges. While not all of these are bad, it raises serious questions about the safety of traditional hormone therapy. With bioidentical hormone therapy we introduce hormones that are biologically identical to the ones produced by your body, alleviating this problem. This is an exacting science that has done away with hormones that force continuous stimulation and have undesirable results.

The Key to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy’s Success

Making Sure that Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is Successful

One of the ways that we make sure that biological hormone therapy is successful is the exact matching of the hormones to the specific chemical structure that the body needs. For example, if your body makes progesterone, this has a very specific chemical structure. With bioidentical hormone therapy we would only give you that specific hormone as a replacement. By looking long and hard at this idea of bioidentical hormone therapy, scientists have been able to determine that it is beneficial to only give the hormones that are necessary, and chemically identical to the natural hormones, while giving you additional synthetic chemicals that are not identical does not do much good.

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